HYDRA is equipped with all the necessary technologies to solve all your challenges and provide the best technical solutions. We regularly invest to improve our performance and provide you with the highest possible level of quality.


Industrial maintenance

In a variety of sectors, ranging from the automobile industry to the heavy industries, HYDRA offers the human and technical resources necessary for fine-tuning and heavy maintenance 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout mainland France.


Boilermaking, ironwork, metalwork

HYDRA’s services range from taking measurements onsite to full implementation or manufacturing based on your plans.

Our equipment pool (5T overhead crane with 5m under hook height, shears, bending presses, 40T load moving skates) enables us to work with sheet metal from 0.5mm to 10mm in thickness.


Industrial equipment compliance

HYDRA can manufacture various bridges and platforms for your production environment.



HYDRA creates your piping networks from design to completion or based on your plans, in all diameters from DN 15 to DN 300, in black tube, stainless sleet or copper.

HYDRA can provide a technical solution to all your challenges.


Factory relocations

To meet the requirements of a “turnkey” site relocation, HYDRA offers all necessary means: electrical services, piping connections, automation, lifting and transport.

From dismantling to operating tests, you can trust HYDRA’s teams to manage your site relocation.

All our equipment is subject to rigorous calibration in accordance with VERITAS procedures and in line with the MASE certification.